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About Department

Brief History

June 1961-Under Graduate Course was established.
2008-09 -Post Graduate Course was established.
2015-16- Ku. Kalaskar (Merit students of S.G.B..Amravati University, Amravati.)
2021-22 – Projected Research Centre of Economics (Ph.D.)

Scope of the Course

Economists are employed in large numbers in industries, institutions, and different departments of the Government. Financial institutions – both national and international absorb economist with some training. With globalization the need for economist in business and industry is growing. Thus, constant effort should be made to improve the skill and knowledge of the students of economics and make them employable.

Vision & Mission

Vision:- To achieve professional capable of critical thinking and independent analysis in economics and provide a platform for students to exhibit their talents and creativity. To accomplish ability among the students over a period of time and prepare them to face the competitive examination and to make them socially and morally sound. Mission :-
1)To encourage self evaluation, Personality development and guide the students to strive towards professional competence .
2) To create an opportunity to learn in and beyond the classroom to benefit the regional and global communities.
3) to create and extend knowledge in Economics through teaching, research and outreach activities

Aims and Objectives

1) To take cognizance of the different economic systems that are prevailing.
2) To make the students know about the basic functions of an economy.
3) To enable the learners understand the various markets and their roles in an economic set-up.
4) To equip enough knowledge to start an enterprise.
5) To develop self –confidence among the students .
6) To cater to the present day need of the society.