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Microbiology Department

Year of Establishment :- 1979

The Department was established in 1979. Our college was the pioneer to start Microbiology subject at undergraduate level. The department runs Undergraduate degree course and Postgraduate Degree Course in Microbiology Dept. also has research Lab. recognized by SGBAU in 2009 for Ph. D. work with capacity of eight research scholars. UGC has given permission in 2008 to start Career Oriented Course in clinical Laboratory Techniques at certificate, Diploma and advanced diploma level. PG course in Microbiology was started in 2016 with intake capacity of 20 students.The department promotes research focused on contemporary issues of basic and applied concepts in Microbiology, particularly on medicinal plants, Water microbiology and Medical Microbiology. Since its establishment the department is doing its best for maintaining the academic standards. The department has continued to promote and upgrade the knowledge of students and researchers since its fruitful existence till date.

Highlights of Department

1. Establishment of university recognized Microbiology Research Center.
2. Both faculty members (Dr. V. A. Kamble & Dr. G. N. Budhlani) of the department are university recognized research supervisors.
3. Five research student of the department awarded with Ph. D. degree
4. Faculty members (Dr. V. A. Kamble & Dr. G. N. Budhlani) Published subject book entitled ‘Text Book Of Microbiology – Fundamentals Of Microbiology & Microbial Physiology’ for B.Sc. Part 1 Semester – I students.
5. Faculty member Dr. V. A. Kamble was chairman of board of studies in biochemistry including microbiology and food science of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.
6. Mr. Yuvraj H. Soni was fourth Merit in M.Sc. Microbiology from University.

Prominent Alumni of the Department
1. Dr. V.D. Nanoty, Principal, Shree R.L.T. College Akola.
2. Dr. S.D. Patankar, President Microbiology Society Maharashtra and Goa state
3. Prof. S.N. Mendhe, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Shree Shivaji Science College Akola
4. Prof. A. P. Nagarale, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, D.M. Burungale College Shegaon
5. Prof. Krunal HiwaseAssistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Mohsinbhai Zaweri College Wadsa.