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Aims & Objective

Keeping in view the Vision & Mission of M. E. S. Arts and Commerce College, Mehkar in the present scenario of higher education, following Aims & Objectives have been revised for holistic development of the students and all stakeholders.

  1. To provide Value based and time oriented and quality education to the students by nurturing, maintaining and molding them according to the present era.
  2. To provide ideal academic, social, cultural, participative, excellence environment for holistic development of the students, teaching and administrative staff.
  3. To make the students competent, ethical, and socially responsible for the nation development through providing quality education.
  4. To educate the students for self-dependent by pursuing of excellence in Arts and Commerce higher education.
  5. Use of advanced technology in the field of ICT in teaching, learning and evaluation.
  6. To create a pool of resourceful self-motivated human resource for imparting depth knowledge through innovative methods of teaching and learning.
  7. To promote national integration among the students and staff.
  8. To impart broad based knowledge to the students face the current competitive world.
  9. To create environmental & Cleanliness awareness among the Students and stakeholders.
  10. To provide a platform to the teachers and students to promote the broader interaction among researchers, social and cultural community by organizing conferences, workshops, seminars and other relevant deliberations.
  11. To organize outreach and extension activities for community development focusing on Social responsibilities, social awareness and value based education.
  12. To encourage high quality research on the regional needs and social relevance.
  13. To promote a healthy atmosphere, corporate life and welfare of the students, teaching and administrative staff.
  14. To promote health awareness among the stakeholders.